House Concerts

House Concerts:

A house concert is "a coffeehouse gig without a coffeehouse: a show put on in the living room of a private home, with an admission fee and word-of-mouth publicity. Folk music is often called grassroots, yet house concerts are the genre's grassroot epitome.  And the movement is growing."
                         Daniel Gewetz, The Boston Herald,  2/26/99


Classical Piano Concert where I play repertoire including some of the following: Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart, Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin, Scott Joplin. 
I also talk about the music and composers.

Music Coaching Party where people learn to sing on pitch and be more musical in a party atmosphere. People are amazed after one session, discovering abilities they didn't know they had.

Sing-along Karaoke-type Parties with Live Music and lyric sheets to fun and interesting songs.

Find out about how to have a HOUSE CONCERT

A word of warning: Partygoers inevitably let loose, dancing and singing until the early hours of the morning.

What people are saying about David's concerts:

"Like the Cheshire Cat on keyboards - David always has a whimsical look in his eye and a musical trick up his sleeve."
"Playful and engaging - you'll realize he is having as much fun as the
"David's style is as fun as it is perfection.
Denise Brink

Hi David--I truly enjoyed your salon on Saturday.  Wonderful music and fellowship, not to mention yummy foods.  I especially loved the Chopin Ballade--what an amazing piece!  As soon as I get a piano that plays well, I think I may try to tackle that one--you are such an inspiration.  Thanks for letting me know about the Cafe Mozart.  I've written down the 28th, but I'm not totally sure I can make it.  Hope so.  I find your love of playing the piano refreshing and delightful, so please keep me informed.  Goodnight for now and thanks again-Shem

David brings a passion and utter joy to his music that inspires me every time I see and hear him play.  He is the embodiment of being in love with what you do and being fully self-expressed.

Corey S. Kupfer, Esq.
40 Wall Street, 32nd Floor
New York, NY 10005

David's passion and energy at the keyboard are infectious. I have attended many of his concerts and each time, I am moved.  Whether he is playing Joplin (my favorite), Debussy or Mozart, David never fails to give himself fully to the music and to his audience.   He is a rare treat!

Michael Steuerman
Former director of all City Colleges (CUNY) athletic departments
Consultant & Diversity Trainer

David Sauberman at his very best provides and delivers classical plus music to the listening ears of the assembled multitudes creating a cascade of melodies while simultaneously celebrating community in a friendly,informal setting.  Creating a salon setting, David makes everyone present feel welcome and special.  Besides being a skilled musician, David is an excellent communicator who connects with his audience with great ease.  His musical events are charged with positive feelings generated by his artistic vision for what a concert should sound and feel like.  In this regard the concert goer is treated to both a musical treat and a party atmosphere which provides a vital outlet for folks to mingle and to generate comraderie.  David is an eclectic pianist who proficiently demonstrates the instrument's capabilities.
All the best.
Your friend,
Peter DiZozza

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