House Concert

                                  David Sauberman Pianist

                                                  THE HOUSE CONCERT

    The house concert format is a fun and easy way to have classical concert in your        
     own home, a whole new way of entertaining guests.

     A house concert provides an opportunity to share brilliant, warm, exciting music
     with your friends. It's a private concert in your living room.  You invite the people, I       
     bring all the music & equipment. You get to be the "very hip" supporter of the arts
     who entertains their friends with this new house concert idea and I get to play to a
     great audience.  Food and beverages are usually involved, and like any party, you
     can choose how you'd like to handle that (ranging from full catered affair to potluck
     and BYOB).

     Together we create an atmosphere so your guests feel great, appreciating fine
     classical music and warmed up to new, delightful levels of social interaction and

     What I provide:
     My classical piano repertoire includes Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart,   
     Chopin, Debussy, Gershwin, Scott Joplin. Between compositions I begin an
     insightful discussion of the composers. Also, some hosts like to have guests sing
     with my sing-along lyric sheets at the beginning.  This is a great icebreaker for
     guests who don't know each other.

     What you provide:
Guests, refreshments (if any), a tuned piano

Finally, if you don't have a piano, I can bring my keyboard and provide one of the

1) I bring custom made packets of sing-along lyric sheets. People inevitably sing
          and dance the night away.

     2) Music coaching party where people learn to sing on pitch and be more musical
         in a party-like atmosphere.  People are amazed after one session, discovering
         abilities they didn't know they had

Email  me to let me know when you want to have your house concert.

                                                     David Sauberman Pianist

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