The past is  history, the future is a mystery. There is only now and the moment is the  greatest gift - that is why it is called the present.
- Werner  Erhard

For Information in the New York area, call David at 718-225-5707. 
In Toronto, call 416-839-9094.

What people are saying
 about seeing David live:

David brings a passion and utter joy to his music that inspires me every time I see and hear him play.  He is the embodiment of being in love with what you do and being fully self-expressed.
Corey S. Kupfer, Esq.

David's passion and energy at the keyboard are infectious. I have attended many of his concerts and each time, I am moved.  Whether he is playing Joplin (my favorite), Debussy or Mozart, David never fails to give himself fully to the music and to his audience.   He is a rare treat!
Michael Steuerman
Former director of all City Colleges (CUNY) athletic departments
Consultant & Diversity Trainer

"Like the Cheshire Cat on keyboards - David always has a whimsical look in his eye and a musical trick up his sleeve."
"Playful and engaging - you'll realize he is having as much fun as the audience."
"David's style is as fun as it is perfection.

Denise Brink

Mike Petelka-

David Sauberman at his very best provides and delivers classical plus music to the listening ears of the assembled multitudes creating a cascade of melodies while simultaneously celebrating community in a friendly,informal setting.  Creating a salon setting, David makes everyone present feel welcome and special.  Besides being a skilled musician, David is an excellent communicator who connects with his audience with great ease.  His musical events are charged with positive feelings generated by his artistic vision for what a concert should sound and feel like.  In this regard the concert goer is treated to both a musical treat and a party atmosphere which provides a vital outlet for folks to mingle and to generate comraderie.  David is an eclectic pianist who proficiently demonstrates the instrument's capabilities.
Peter DiZozza

Hi David--I truly enjoyed your salon on Saturday.  Wonderful music and fellowship, not to mention yummy foods.  I especially loved the Chopin Ballade--what an amazing piece!  As soon as I get a piano that plays well, I think I may try to tackle that one--you are such an inspiration.  Thanks for letting me know about the Cafe Mozart.  I've written down the 28th, but I'm not totally sure I can make it.  Hope so.  I find your love of playing the piano refreshing and delightful, so please keep me informed.  Goodnight for now and thanks again. Shem

It was great listening to you on Sat!  Thanks for the list!

Congratulations, David, This is great news. 
Glad you are sharing your talents and engaging students.  I think you really make a difference in people's understanding and enjoying music, not to mention their ability to play it, and I like to see that in the world!  Not to mention your larger commitments to humanity with music as a gathering point.  Thanks.



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